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Marketing photo shoots are a great way to help to market your business through photography. Letting your client know who you are before they have even met you. The biggest challenge is for people to see an authentic you from a web page. As the saying goes; an image is worth a thousand words. By updating your image you can show your clients exactly what you are all about. I will help to find a location and advise about your stile that will reflect you and your business. Book today to give that extra edge your company needs.


For filming assignments I offer videos for corporate or personal use, from marketing companies, promotional videos or workshops to filming weddings or the birth of an expecting mother. For larger projects I team up with another videographer from Alma films. We approach each project as a unique story to tell: your story!

Please contact me for a quote, the price is different from project to project.


I also own a wedding photography company Elm and Bloom, we take pride in having a different and unique approach to giving something different to the wedding couple. We use 100% environmentally friendly product and prints. Our photography is done with natural lighting using a documentary and lifestyle approach. We create bespoke packages for each and every client. Elm and Bloom would like to share with you that we support ‘girlsnotbrides’ who shows the will of a global movement to end child marriage.

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What can you expect?

After making an enquiry, I will set up a first meeting with you to make sure I am fulfilling what you need. I will dive into your business to find what customers you are targeting. From here you will receive a proposal of what I will do with you for your project or session. You will be able to choose from three different packages depending on the amount time you want me. By then, you now you can contact me any time for questions or comments regarding the photography and videography project. Before you will receive the results, I will make sure you are satisfied about the project.
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I have a wide range of interests and love to relate these to my work. I enjoy yoga, travel, healthy eating and fashion. I worked from the age of 13 to gain pocket money in the hospitality industry. I worked my way up to management and at age 22 was running hotels in the French Alps for winter seasons. I worked closely with marketing departments and became more aware that I could use my creative abilities, from here I went to university to study photography and using images in online and offline editorial formate.

About my Skills

Specialising in press and editorial photography at university, Kimberley was then able to work for a top photography agency in London finding photographs for editorial magazines and online companies. When relocating to the Netherlands Kimberley started working for Greenpeace and Simavi marketing images. Now Kimberley takes great pleasure in helping independent business finding a voice and shine through there images.

  • Greenpeace
  • Simavi
  • British School
  • Zoomin TV
  • Rex Featurs